Look ahead...Plan...Celebrate


 It's always great to have joyful events to plan,

 to look forward to, to celebrate... 

and for the romantics of the world,
we  have an abundance of those special days just staring us in the face.  Anniversaries. 

Yes! All those special days, dates and times.

The first meeting. The first date. Proposal. 

Wedding anniversary. Birthdays. 

All those special, unique moments. 

Sharing Your Flight...


 When searching on Flight Radar 24, my heart lifts its beat, picks up its pace, when it shows my precious Sky Princess' aircraft, 

nearing its destination, closer to home.

Threading its path over and around cities, mountains, lakes, rivers, farmland and forests.
With every passing second, every passing minute,

 I can feel you moving closer to me once more.
Reading the flight level height, the speed. 

Your descent. Your approach. 

Oh, how much I love you. You are everything to me.

To Wake Up In The Morning...



Love is Westlife's - "Flying Without Wings"-  

to wake up in the morning,

 to watch the sun rise on your face, 

to know  that I can say "I love you", 

at any give time or place. 

Words whispered frequently to the Sky Princess,

as she wakens in the morning.
With fond memories of being with you in different places around this fabulous world.