"Angel of August"



Life  can throw a variety of curved balls your way, especially when you reach  50-something. Rather than say what you want in this world,
you  take the other track and say what you don't want. 

Due, in the main, to  previous experiences, the good, the bad and the in-between. Strange how life goes sometimes. We think that we are off down a particular track, then another door opens.

Having never been to the USA. But, to suddenly have everything that is about USA in your lap.  Well, another door!  To  go through the machinations, the experience, of qualifying for a US  Green Card is one thing, but to take it to the next stop, US Citizenship, can only be described as one monumental emotional roller-coaster.

Life as it was before, during and after these privileged happenings. Strangely enough, surprise, surprise, this all revolves around an amazing, romantic, love story, based on a real life series of powerful events, for two, middle-aged, been-there, done-that people.

However, the two involved in this ride were being watched over by an Angel, up on high. Their story, the incredible happenings, are chronicled through the eyes of an Angel in Heaven, Simone Nicole. Simone shares how her South Pacific father met, courted and married an unattainable, beautiful, California flight attendant. Share in the courtship between the Sky Princess and Simone's Daddy. Witness how he subsequently arrived in the USA.

1000's  of miles of trans-Pacific flight. Hours of international phone calls.  Trails of emails. Life Stateside. Accommodation. Employment.  Bureaucracy.
The impact of 9/11/2001. A Tranquil haven. Coincidence after coincidence? Surely, a power greater than that at work.
From  the outset, a goose-bump, heart-jerking, roller-coaster, of chills and  euphoria, hitting extraordinary heights and debilitating lows.

Two  very determined individuals bonding and tenaciously striving to reach  their destination. Together. Heart-warming. Sad.Painful. Refreshing.

"Angel of August" - an Angel watching over her Daddy. 

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By mmckee03 on August 4, 2015   Verified Purchase
Simone Nicole keeps you wanting more of this fabulous, riveting, emotionally draining story!  This is definitely a laugh out loud, tear jerker, fantastically written book.  A worthwhile read!! 5 star rating from this fan. 

Looking forward to the next book by Simone Nicole!!

An angel caring for you
By Raymond Hoche-Mong on October 16th, 2016   Verified purchase
An interesting love story, tender, and filled with personal accounts of a man who had given up on finding a mate. I would recommend the book to both men and women in their fifties, who have closed one marriage and may be open to a second less glandular and more reasoned.


Email Feedback
From KB, September 2015. Really enjoyed it. 

Beautiful, brave, so sad in places and yet always so full of love and hope.

"Miss Williams?"



WWII love story of Joshua's parents and how a New Zealand POW "met" his wife-to-be from Wales, UK. A compilation of her aerogram. love letters, sent from the UK to her new husband returning by troop-ship to NZ.

"Joshua" needs to focus more (LOL)  and continue to copy his Mother's handwritten, fountain pen, ink letters into Simone's new ebook... should be completed by early 2020!!