There are no rules for grieving.

Life Goes On...

 Always  remember that, when you lose a dear family member, a treasured friend  or, even, a much loved pet, that there are no rules, nor regulations,  

nor restrictions, nor limits on how or how long you grieve.

I  knew these two lovely folk, in this small country town, both in their late 50's. Each of them had lost their spouse to that dreaded cancer, about a year apart. He attended the funeral of the other lady's husband. Six months later that lady called me to ask if it would be improper to socialize with the other gentleman. 

 I simply said that it was not for me nor anyone else in the world 

to tell her when it was right. 

My answer was as above. There are no rules. 

If you are  comfortable moving on with your life, then do so.

There is too much living to do. There is no time like the present. 

They duly married and have been together for over 20 years.

The Grief Zone


 Grieving  is something we may experience in matters other than the passing of a loved one or friend. We can end up in a grief zone when a relationship breaks  up. The pain of the grief of being betrayed, being left, being tossed aside can sometimes feel more savage than knives slashing you internally.

The  devastating loss when a loving relationship breaks down for any number  of reasons can bring a pain and a grief that needs to be worked through.  

Sometimes,  it seems as though the tears will never end. In that darkness it can be  difficult to find the energy to move forward positively.

This song by Masquerade echoes the pain of losing a loved one.