Home Grown Vegetables


 When  it comes to achieving a work-life balance, after a pressured work day,  there is nothing more relaxing than getting to work in the garden.
Not really work, though. Getting your hands dirty.

 Getting connected to the earth and the soil. The dryness, the moisture.
Almost,  in many ways, a feeling of being detached from the realities of life, 

 of this world. Connecting with Mother Earth, literally.

Fresh Produce


 I  just love harvesting and eating home-grown vegetables and fruits. 

The  strong, rich flavors of freshly picked lettuce, partnered with sliced  cucumber, tomato and onion, seasoned with a touch of white pepper 

and just a light drizzle of vinegar,  

layered between two pieces of fresh buttered bread, is a favorite of  mine.
Store produce tastes so insipid, in comparison.
Eating  fresh, home grown fruit is almost euphoric at times, 

with the juice  dribbling down your chin and your body absolutely 

soaking up the  deep-sugary, sweetness, from tree ripened fruit.


Gorgeous Flowers


 Freshly cut flowers, placed about the home, 

in intricate glasses or vases, brings a warm glow 

and  smile to the atmosphere therein.